Infusion Services

Infusion Services

Welcome to Los Angeles Infusions, a treatment program at Allergy & Immunology Center Inc. that specializes in administering intravenous infusions (IV) for a variety of chronic conditions. The program offers:
  • Private infusion suites that include comfortable recliners, a beautiful view, and high-speed WiFi
  • Physician present during administration of infusion
  • No facility fee for infusion treatment as charged in hospitals
A bald man sitting in a hospital chair using a cell phone.

IV infusion therapy takes place in our office in a private suite. Treatments take between one to five hours depending on the type of medication. For more information on IV infusion therapy, please call our office at 818-514-3544 to speak with our staff.

A man laying in a hospital bed with an iv drip.

Many patients with autoimmunity or weak immune systems benefit from IV therapy.

This treatment is becoming the preferred treatment for patients who do not respond to oral medications and it is an excellent option for patients who are experiencing side effects with their prescribed medications. Most patients experience a significant reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life after IV infusion therapy.

We offer infusion  therapy to treat several  immunologic, respiratory, rheumatologic, dermatologic, and gastrointestinal disorders. People with immune dysfunction cannot regulate antibodies and as a result, their healthy cells are attacked by the immune system, resulting in debilitating symptoms.